Find the Best Smoothie Blender for People on a Budget

When it comes to the best blender for smoothies, there are several factors to look at. However, don’t be fooled by the fancy features that come with most appliances these days. You probably won’t even use them. When choosing the right smoothie blender, the first thing to do is look at the design and check the efficiency of the machine in terms of how well it can crush hard ingredients such as ice. This is by far the most important thing to look at and certainly more important than things like timer and other similar functions.

The Fusionblade by Black & Decker is possibly the best blender for smoothies right now.At the end of the day, if you end up getting the very best smoothie blender, what would be the point if it isn’t easy to set up or use. As a result of this, you need to look out for a product that’s available in a very simple and easy to use design. Obviously, cost is equal to quality so the more you spend the better quality you’ll get. Taking this into account, you need to focus on avoiding products that are too cheap though sometimes you can find a high quality product at a cheap price.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy the best blender for smoothies or other drinks, you must carry out the research very thoroughly. This is simply because there are way too many products available and you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on one that doesn’t perform very well or is difficult to set up and use. If you’re on a budget, then you don’t need to worry because as I’ve already said, there will be plenty of good quality products that will fall within your budget. I want to go through some of these with you but read through this article to find out what the best smoothie blender is. However, this does have some products that’ll cost you over 400 bucks so be aware of that.

I’d say that one of the most affordable smoothie blenders is the Fusionblade by Black & Decker. This costs around 50 dollars and can easily be associated with excellent quality. It performs very well and certainly if you’re making smoothies, it’ll be able to crush ice, fruits and vegetables quite easily. However, I did notice a problem with crushing things like nuts. The blender didn’t crush these completely so there were bits here and there inside the smoothie/milkshake. I don’t know about you but I quite like the texture created by the nut bits in the shake. I found the motor to be quite powerful and this comes with a larger jug in addition to a smaller attachment for personal single-serve smoothies. The controls and settings were quite straightforward to operate so I didn’t really have many complaints from this product, especially at that price.

If you’re willing to add a tiny bit more to your budget then the Osterizer 4093 by Oster is of great quality. After using this for quite some time, I thought that this was quite loud in terms of the noise it created. However, this was the only downside because other than this, the rest of the factors were satisfied completely. There’s a stainless steel blade that seems to be built quite tough and coupled with a powerful motor, this crushed ice with ease. However, once again, the nuts were a big problem and weren’t completely smoothened out. The performance is always the priority for me and this satisfied me completely. I also value appearance quite a lot and this product looks great. It has extremely simple controls and all of these qualities make this the best blender for smoothies if you’re on a firm budget.

These are just two products that are available for a relatively affordable price. Obviously, you can spend a bit more than this. If you cannot do this, then there’s always the option of making your smoothies without a blender but obviously, this will take up a lot of time and also involves a lot of work.

Why I Need Those Affirmations (Follow-up)

Nutrition AffirmationsAs a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I realize that, while it was beautiful, fun to write and filled with lofty, amazing goals, that’s still what those statements are for me: Goals, or things I need to really work on believing about myself. So as I re-read and examine portions of Women, Food and God, a book I’m hoping will turn out to be quite helpful to me in the discovery of my true self and my personal story, I am hit with a barrage of thoughts about myself that I assume to be true.

These are the negative beliefs that I need to turn around into the positive statements from yesterday’s post:

I am a quitter. I quit playing volleyball my senior year of high school. I was a senior quitter! I quit swimming, basketball and cheerleading, too. And eventually, I quit every “diet” I try, too. The South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, the Flat-Belly Diet, the blood type diet — let’s not even bring up the Dukan Diet. Which brings me to my next point:

I am a yo-yo dieter. The song goes something like this: “I’ll start tomorrow. Okay, just this once. It’s a special occasion! It’s my birthday! We’re eating out! You’ve got to try this. It’s homemade! Otherwise it’ll spoil. It’s here, and I can’t resist the temptation. My diet starts Monday.” It’s an endless, stupid, emotional pain–inducing cycle.

I will never be as thin as I want to be — with that muscular, sinewy look that Madonna has. Cut. Ripped. Like I spend my life training, not eating. That’s not me. I can never be that, and thus I’ll never be happy. Having that body is as elusive as winning the lottery.

I have no discipline. Willpower is not in my vocabulary. I cannot be left alone with a plate of brownies, cookies, chocolate bars or pastries. I cannot resist. Cannot. Resist. I will overeat each and every time. There’s no hope for people like me unless the world runs out of sugar.

I cannot be all I want to be when it comes to diet and fitness. I cannot do all I want to do. I can’t eat whatever I want, I can’t want what’s healthy, and I can’t run far enough, fast enough or enough at all. I’m no health nut. I talk the talk, but I can’t walk the walk.

I know what’s best for me, but the moment I define it, the moment I identify that, I run from it. I rebel against all that is good, pure and natural in the world, and instead of creating peace I just create more internal discord and strife. I self sabotage, and I have no idea why.

I have no support. I have to go through all of this on my own, in my head, without anyone to cheer me on along the way. No one cares, no one “gets” it, and I don’t get why I can’t just shut up about it already. Don’t I have better, more important things to do with my time?

As you can see, there is a WORLD of difference between these statements — beliefs, really — and the positive affirmations from yesterday. And although I’ve mentioned a million times that I know the key to all this is to love and accept yourself for who you are first, that’s not so easy. In fact, I have no idea where to start and how to do that, actually, and I’ve never stopped to look past that statement and figure out how.

So this will be the dawn of a new era for me. I smiled at myself in the mirror this morning. I’m trying to think of the amazing, heart-filling, bursting, exploding, shining love I feel for my son and how I can love myself in the same way. I’m told it’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow — it will change my life, it will bring me joy and happiness, it will bring me wealth and abundance in all areas.

I think that’s worth striving for — with conscious thought, prayer and intention.

The Importance of Affirmations

Food AffirmationsHave you ever heard one of your friends or a famous actress, perhaps, say “I can eat whatever I want without gaining weight.” Or “My exercise is chasing around my kids all day.” Maybe even “I eat healthy most of the time, so when I do want to splurge on a cheeseburger and fries, I don’t feel guilty about it.”

Give or take a few variables, aren’t these all things we’d all love to be able to say about ourselves? I don’t have to kill myself in the gym, eat like a rabbit, or suck in my tummy. I have smooth skin, incredible willpower and good genes.

I’m not saying any of this to try to depress you or to make you compare yourself to Cameron Diaz or Lea Michelle; rather, I think there’s something to be said for creating your own meditations/mantras when it comes to health and wellness.

I recently finished reading “Women, Food and God,” and I’m also reading “A Place of Yes” right now, both of which talk a lot about the stories we’ve been told (and have believed) all our lives about who we are, based almost entirely on our parents, friends, teachers, family members and others who we interact with every day without necessarily looking inside and thinking “is this really me” or “is this who I want to be.” It seems like a rather large issue to me, actually, and I write about this a lot — how do we know what we’re like, for example, without the reactions and judgments of those around us? — But I like the idea of stopping, right now, wherever you are in your day, week, life, month or year and taking the time to put the energy out there and into what you DO want to be, how you DO want to act, what you want and thus starting to figure out precisely how to get it.

So today, make your own list of statements about yourself, true or not. Perhaps start out with some negative beliefs you have about yourself, but then turn the page over and make each statement the complete opposite — positive, far-reaching, even more amazing than the basic contrary to the original negative belief about yourself. Or compile a list of all those cliche statements about body size, fitness level and beauty that you’d like to recognize in yourself and start feeding and believing in every day, 100%. After all, how can you strive for a goal if you don’t know exactly what it is? Below, I share with you my current list of statements.

Although I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much eat whatever I want without gaining weight, I stick to healthy options most of the time. It makes me feel good.

I use food as fuel. It has no relation to my thoughts, feelings or emotional state.

I get some form of exercise every day. Whether it’s walking up and down the stairs 20 times or doing some crunches during a movie on the weekend, my body is in constant motion until it’s time for rest and relaxation every night.

I love my body, and so I treat it with care and respect. I nourish it with healthy foods, and I feed it with restorative, endorphin-boosting exercise. I appreciate all that it does for me each day.

I receive with appreciation all of the kind comments people make about my state of health, conditioning and outward appearance each day, although this is not what motivates me or steadies my soul. Rather, it is my love for all living creatures and myself that encourages me every day to live my truth and be and do the best I can.

I love to cook; I like knowing where my food comes from and putting care and attention into preparing meals for me and my loved ones. I can be smart, diligent and disciplined while doing so, without taking the fun out of my passion.

I am the picture of health. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day that vary in color, vitamins and nutrients so that I’m constantly protecting myself and my family, safeguarding our futures through the simple act of eating and exercising.

I am on this journey with the support of every woman before me, everyone cheering me on today and God and the Universe leading the path before me. Every step is a step forward, every turn is a right turn, and each change and decision is based in love, peace and purity.

This list could go on and on for pages, for days — and you can write and rewrite your story over and over each morning if you want to. Although they may seem like giant, all-encompassing goal statements, start off with the first one on your list. Read it to yourself every day, memorize it, or remind yourself of the gist of it every time you find yourself doing something that’s not in line with that goal. Once you’ve noticed that you’re still keeping the message top of mind, or you feel like you’ve mastered the idea behind it, move on to the next bullet — and so on and so forth. You’ll find that just like anything, with practice it will eventually start to come naturally to you — whatever it may be.

I am in the midst of doing this exercise with a more general life scope right now, too, which you can also embrace — do you need to work on patience? Kindness toward others? Compassion? Prayer? Whatever it is, take it one step at a time. Don’t listen to the voices of others that you’ve constantly been hearing around you, whether it’s something you believe about yourself and don’t know why or if you’ve come into contact with people who’ve led you to believe things about yourself that you’d rather not any longer. No one is destined to be or do one same thing in this life day after day, week after week. You are the artist, and your greatest work in this world is the masterpiece of your life and how you use it for good every time you put your two feet on the ground each morning. Stay true to yourself, and if you feel like maybe you don’t know who that is, then start here.

Wow. Now doesn’t that feel good?